Anonymous asked:
a noose.

this way to heaven

A shotgun to your head,
    a razor to your wrists
        a viper in your bed
            a medicated bliss
                a hunger never fed
                    a speeding number six
                        a life you’ve thrown away
                            a sacrifice to the abyss
                            i want to hold you in this world
                        i want it all to go away
                    i want this lonely life’s fine pearl
                you have to see the light of day
            and yet no princes, dukes or earls
        can color in your shades of grey
    i see a lifeless, bloodied girl
and to the lifeless i will pray.

Anonymous asked:

orange on your lips you got

hairs on you chin you’re un

touched by the sun you’re be

hind all the times ciga

rettes on the rooftops your

eyes glowing crimson you

can’t tell what matters your

eyes always find me i

sit on the window your

feet swinging downward i

reach out to touch them you’re

my only problem

thatdear asked:
spires & mud

i’ve got to stop being so goddamn bitter
i’ve got to stop scratching these walls
i look like a crazy, holed up in this circus
paused right at the precipice, waiting to fall.

i’ve heard that i’m too hard to love, so they say,
but i’m sure they are saying it wrong.
i love myself far too easily, no;
i love myself far strong.

and i feel your eyes trapping me
fingers increasingly
finding me; spires in mud.

and i’m bitter like horse radish
pig spinach, cow cabbage:
bitter and cherry-red blood.

leepacehelps asked:
1 am

I do not have some tragic backstory

keeping me up night after night after day after night.

I do not have an addiction to ugly brown

liquids, pollution to my sorry bloodstream.

I do not have too little time, or too little place:

just too little keeping me sane.

My eyes stay open

my heart beats only quicker

my eyes grow wider

my beats come faster

there is too much around me

too much that surrounds me

to close my eyes and dream

thatdear asked:

tea & issues

these are the ways
that you deal with your stress
sour day after sour day

this is how you address
flaming aches of finesse
right where your lungs used to stay;

a story of success
for the world’s blacks and greys
but your blood is the furthest from blessed.

you are human, i pray
but in fact, i digress:
we all hope to be human someday.

Anonymous asked:
an extended metaphor for life

I hope you realize (but I know you don’t)

that when you speak to me in these long, complicated sentences —

when you write Life love letters using words

like “gossamer” or “labyrinthine”

in that drawling cursive that calls back memories of a serotinal sky,

your words are simply manifestations of sounds;

your sounds only syllables blocked together;

your syllables merely letters strung apart;

your letters purely lines on a page,

the page the only tangible

being in the room

(of that, at the very least,

i am certain.)

Anonymous asked:
you write beautifully. sometimes I write and was wondering if you would take a look at one of my poems? xx

Of course! Thank you so much. I’d be happy to.

thatdear asked:

Back when your skin

was raw and tin

ted red from the sun,

swollen eyes and bags un

derneath them I dreamt

of our intertwined lives and their sent

iments, you would call my name

everyday and I swear

you liked me better

when your skin was peeling

Anonymous asked:
Your poetry is fucking amazing. You are so talented.

This made my day.